Hydraulic/Pneumatic Cylinder Services & Manufacturing


Cylinder Upgrade Program

These procedures include conducting a root cause failure analysis when the cylinder first enters the workshop, the engineering division then design improvements for the cylinder, in both design and materials used with the cylinder's application being the guide for this upgrade, followed by correct seal selections suited to the cylinder's service.


Standard And Customized Design

Custom designed and manufactured cylinders are also offered to meet customers specific requirements. Why pay for high price imported cylinder, which has a history of early failure, when a custom designed and manufactured cylinder can be sourced sometimes at a lower cost, but always a longer life.


Contract Services

A cylinder contract program is a service offered to customers that includes maintenance outsourcing, e.g. cylinder removal from and re-assembly to the equipment, a cylinder parts management system, which documents each cylinder's service life history, thereby showing a total service cost, and maintenance scheduling, etc


Machines Seals

Seals are manufactured up to 400mm, using world's best CNC Machines. Thousand of sizes and profiles are machined some being same day delivery service.


Hydraulic System Design

New or a modification of existing hydraulic/pneumatic system to suit customer's needs.


DMH - Hydraulic/Pneumatic Seal Authorized Distributor

The DMH SYSTEM is the world's most successful seal rotation system and includes the DMH machines, DMH Software with more than 140 standard profiles, DMH tools and about 50 different semi-finished products.

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